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This is the world of Dosminer!

Dosminer is a game, where you have to escape from a virtual world. You have to kill enemys to get items.

Dosminer is in the alpha phase and it is still in development and not done yet. But you can have a lot of fun with the game. You can play it with your friend to battle him, or to battle to other enemys. Actually, you can't escape from the world, yet. But you can kill enemys. You can hide under a tree. You can watch the time go. Explore the features of Dosminer by yourself!

Take a view on our homepages every day, if you want to see how Dosminer grows and gets bigger. Contact us, if you have any ideas for the game, or if you found a bug. Feel free to contact us, if you have questions.

1. Graphical User Interface (GUI)
2. Random World Generator
3. 3 different Mobs
4. A few different Items
5. RPG fight style
6. Diffrent types of attacks
7. Animations
8. Day/Night
8.1 Diffrent Mobs at day/night

9. Pause Mode
10. Nice Soundtracks
11. Level System
11.1 including xp etc
12. Eastereggs
13. Stamina System
14. Mana System
15. Autosave
16. Magic attack
17. Better Skill system

If you want more details, check out our blog. We explain a few things about the gameplay there.


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alpha snapshot s_92015_a [LATEST] 87 MB
alpha snapshot s_82015_a 84 MB
alpha snapshot s_52015_b 84 MB
alpha snapshot s_52015_a 84 MB
alpha snapshot s_42015_a 84 MB
alpha snapshot s_22015_a 99 MB
alpha snapshot s_12015_c 64 kB
alpha snapshot s_12015_b 43 kB
alpha snapshot s_12015_a 31 kB